The Sunshine State

Disclaimer: This post has been sitting in my drafts since this first week I’ve arrived in Queensland. I’m now 4 weeks away till my finals :DDDD (fake smile) Guess what peeps, I’m finally a queen with my own land! Cant remember how many times I used my own pun and laughed to it. I tell […]

the privileges we often overlooked

Last year, I did my Research Project regarding the Rohingya refugees which made me realised a lot of the stuffs that I never ever paid attention to before. Im not yet an expert in things regarding the refugees as there are so much more reading that I have to do but there are some vital things […]

in and out of sace

Guess what peeps, when I first wrote the title ‘in and out of sace’, my autocorrect changed it to ‘in and out of space’ haha well sace and space are two tots different stuffs but the struggles of going through sace might even get you to space ; ) My very first (and the last) photo of […]

The day finally arrives

I have been neglecting to write a post regarding my Research Project because I was scared of not getting good results. I would probably be ashamed of it if I were to write about it here then. My house is currently very quiet and all these worries are in my head and the butterflies finally […]

Exams and disappointments

As expected, my semester two results was disappointing. I failed to meet my sponsor’s requirement for the second time *sigh*. In high school, I really do think with that much effort, I can at least achieve my target but now, well let’s just say it is so much harder than I thought. I’m writing this […]

Hafizah <3

Today marks an important day of my life. Never have I thought that a friend of mine could have gone so soon. And to be honest, I cannot really believe it happened. It was too fast and it took me a while to digest everything. I guess that’s the thing with life and death, it is never predictable […]