The Sunshine State

Disclaimer: This post has been sitting in my drafts since this first week I’ve arrived in Queensland. I’m now 4 weeks away till my finals :DDDD (fake smile)


Guess what peeps, I’m finally a queen with my own land! Cant remember how many times I used my own pun and laughed to it. I tell myself that I’m funny : ‘) The excitement I felt during the announcement of my results and being accepted to uni is indescribable. I swear everything is still so fresh in my mind. I was in Madinah when I received my SACE results and everything felt really right. I remember smiling all day long because I was so so happy.

Well fast forward 3 months later, smile is all gone peeps. Hahaha I was just kidding, the smile is still there buried inside this body of mine. I really love my uni because it is so big and SO PRETTY!!! Classes are all good and the environment here is also very warming. People are very friendly and welcoming. There are so generous with compliments! I was flattered at first but then I realised its a norm here so I no longer feel special : ( Jokes apart, the people here are generally very nice and you wouldn’t feel like an outsider. By general I mean you’ll still get some minor indirect racism but nothing much. So all is well.

So far I’ve joined the UQ Refugee Tutoring Club and I did not regret it at all. I’ll write a special post on this one day (can’t promise when cause I’m such a busy lady *flips hijab*). I also joined Malaysian Got Talent 2.0 and made it to finals!!! (Omg have to write one post about this one too!) And last but not least I’m joining a musical theatre. I play a small role in the musical and the show will be on this coming Sunday! Ahh Im so excited and nervous at the same time.

So far I’ve travelled to Melbourne for autumn break and Sydney for a weekend getaway. Before you make any assumptions, I went to Sydney for a meet up with my sponsor so it’s all work (I sound so adult haha). Sydney was spectacular! Well 3 days doesn’t do the justice so I’ll probably come and visit again. The only down side of it is that travelling in Sydney is soooooooo expensive : (

So that basically summarises my 3 months or so in the sunshine state. I’m going to write more soon but now I need to continue studying for my online test tomorrow. Enjoy some photos and till next time!


 Look at our excited faces!!!


The iconic Forgan Smith Building (the quality kinda sucks here but it is so majestic irl)



And these two are from orientation week. One of my 2017 goals is to take good photos and I even downloaded vsco. Well obviously my talent aint going nowhere mate. At least I tried :’)


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