in and out of sace

Guess what peeps, when I first wrote the title ‘in and out of sace’, my autocorrect changed it to ‘in and out of space’ haha well sace and space are two tots different stuffs but the struggles of going through sace might even get you to space ; )

2015-07-22 11.20.31.jpg

My very first (and the last) photo of me in front of my college gate! Well look at me, so proud being a college girl :’) Haha well life at intec was so much fun and going through sace was bearable because of the people I had around me. From my classmates, housemates, sace 31 members, lecturers and even the mak cik cafe. I really miss the food at intec especially the kuey teow goreng aluk, nasi lemak ausmat & keropok lekor gagak *cries*

So lets do a lil throwback of my journey through sace : ) (oh for those of you who might not know, sace is a preparatory program similar to a-levels, matriculation, foundation etc)



Ahh I could stare at these photos for hours and still be mesmerized by it as though it was my first time seeing it. I present you, my c-double-o-g-double-e, COOGEE! My classmates are truly the best and I couldn’t wish for anything more. We do a lot of random stuffs and three of them involves driving like cray cray to Mcdonald’s.

First was when we had an impromptu car race to mcd and whoever reach there last will have to pay for all the ice creams (sadly no photo of that : ( ) Well guess what, I arrived last with Pia and Inas *insert upside down smiley emoji*



Second was when our national athletes won gold for the Paralympics and mcd gave out free nuggets. Mind you that this was around 10am and Miss Yvonne was very kind and understanding that she dismissed our class early so we can take them free nuggets! You see the poster of ‘SERTAI pasukan kami’ back there, bet ya coogee would be happy to sign up hehe.

And the third one was during mcd’s free breakfast day. We would never wake up early but when its free food you’re talking about, nothing is impossible. I couldn’t find a photo of that either : ( We were in a rush as me and Ika had to send Jiqah to the bus stand. Oh guys this is a good story. Jiqah wanted to go back home to batu pahat but she haven’t bought her bus ticket yet. Traffic in shah alam in the morning is cray cray and you’d be surprise with the amount of cars on the road. We needed to catch the 9am bus or else the next bus is at 1am but the traffic and wrong turns made it almost impossible which made Jiqah all stressed out. As soon as we reached the bus stand it was already 9.01am, and there was a bus leaving  which we presumed is the batu pahat bus so Ika went all crazy and stop her car right in front of the bus. Me and Jiqah went even more crazier! We get out of the car and literally put our hands out and told the bus to stop *insert upside down smiley emoji* And guess what, THE BUS STOPS! I felt so powerful at that time as I made the bus stops and also glad that my friend would not miss her bus well until the pak cik asks us…

“Adik nak balik mana?”

“Batu Pahat”

“Lah bas ni nak ke KL. Bas Batu Pahat belum sampai”

asdfghjkl!@#$$%^* omg all that drama for nothing?????? Hahahahahah never assume guys. Well Jiqah did board the right bus 5 minutes later and safely travelled back home so all was good. I had a good laugh with Ika after as we ate our free breakfast at a burger king parking lot.

I also had Pia who will always bribe me with vanilla ice creams but vanilla ice cream is bae so not complaining about that. There’s also Marsy Mars who introduced me to Carrie Bradshaw and also to schmores! It is actually s’mores but pronouncing it as schmores made it sound way better. Ahh major love to each and everyone of them. Sorry I couldn’t write everything down here, I wouldn’t want to bore my readers (if i had any lol)


Had the first and last iftar together with them and even played firecrackers with the whole sace fam after!

And guys, I even donated blood for the very first time!!!


I was very excited to give my blood away that I was the first in line hehe. Those of you who knows me will know how much I am terrified of blood so this is an absolute achievement. I almost fainted during the process but anis was there talking about tay tay to me so I guess it went well.

Speaking of anis, I went to the gym for the first time ever and my gym partner is the one and only ninish!

Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.23 PM #3.jpg

 Look at our attempt of making a fierce face lol. This was went Anis would drag me to intec during study week and made me listen to her babbling all about physics and then we’ll watch surihati mr pilot during lunch break. I wouldn’t be studying twice as hard if it wasn’t for this girl. Anis and I would randomly go to the gym at 12 midnight and then we’ll get so tired that we won’t even shower so I’ll just sleep on the floor hehe. Well, we didn’t really manage to achieve our ‘body goals’ but at least we tried :’)



I had a great group of friends throughout my 18 months in collage and will always cherish them. They called me ‘mami’ as a resemblance to mom with reasons I’m still unsure of. Ahh I miss you guys big time!

And not forgetting, I owe most of the fun I had in college to my roommie, Queen Elsa!


We’re both queens now ( will tell you why someday ; ) ) I still remember how we’ll buy at least 6 or more 5.5litres cactus mineral water and push it with a trolley all the way from Mydin to Akasia. Man, the struggles to drink a lot of water was real back then. Had a lot of good memories with this one and more to come inshaAllah.

Last but not least, lots of love to all the sace fam. Thank you for all the memories and I hope I’ll see you guys again! Xx.




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