The day finally arrives

IMG_8409I have been neglecting to write a post regarding my Research Project because I was scared of not getting good results. I would probably be ashamed of it if I were to write about it here then. My house is currently very quiet and all these worries are in my head and the butterflies finally found their way into my tummy. I really don’t know what to feel because honestly, I always get disappointed in myself whenever I enter competitions or in this case conduct a research. I have constantly faced failures before but this time, I really wished I would succeed. I believe that I had pour my 110% effort in my research but I am not sure if that would be enough. I mean what if I needed to push myself just a bit further to achieve my desired results but I didn’t? Ya Allah, all these scary thoughts are consuming me and honestly, it does not feel nice at all. There is less than 7 hours until my results are released. All I hope now is that I would receive a satisfactory results and that my hard work paid off. If not…well let’s not talk about that.

I really wish I could achieve that level where I will be able accept whatever God gives me whole-heartedly or in other words we call it redha. It really does not require any effort to tell someone to be satisfied and redha with whatever Allah gave you but practicing it is surely a challenge. But for now, I believe the magical power of prayers (dua) is still there and I should be positive and leave the rest to Him, inshaAllah.


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