Beauty needs pain

All these while I thought trying to get rid of black heads on my nose is the painful thing ever but now I know that it is nothing comparing to the pain Im experiencing now. So a month ago I went for a visit to the dentist for a dental check-up. Way back when I was in form 5, I was supposed to wear braces but yada yada yada I didn’t. So during my visit to the dentist last month, the dentist went on and on, on how my teeth would be prettier if I were to wear a retainer. Well the first choice was braces but considering the fact that I am short of one tooth (so weird, I know) there would be too many spaces between my teeth and it would be too painful hence, we resolved to the second option which was a retainer. I actually thought that it would be cool *face palm* and the thought that I can take off my retainer whenever I want does not seem that painful to me. Well why did no one ever warn me *insert upside down smiling emoji*

I had to go through what others have to do on getting braces – Moulding. Moulding my lower teeth was fine that I said to myself this is not as bad as how they said it would be but didn’t I spoke too soon *face palm again*. When it comes to moulding my upper teeth, I was soooooo close to vomiting. You feel like your mouth is so full and that the mould were just a few millimetres away from your throat. That choking feeling made me wanna throw up but I stayed cool and the dentist made me sit up straight so I won’t be making a pool of vomit in her room *ew*

So fast forward to a month later which was yesterday – The day I finally wore a retainer wuhuuuu (my first impression guys -__-). The fitting session was okay, it was not painful but it does felt weird. The dentist said that I would be experiencing so much drooling and will constantly feel like throwing up and I was like er why didn’t you tell me this earlier? And yup it started right that instance. I kept going to the sink and asking for towels because all of the sudden my saliva is producing like Niagara falls (disgusting I know). I could not even talk properly.

Since it’s the holy month of Ramadan, I would go to the mosque to perform my tarawih prayers. Oh God it was so torturing. My mouth is constantly filled with drool and honestly there was only two options: 1. Spit it out or 2. Suck it in. Well obviously how can I spit my saliva while I was praying???? Nope that’s not the worst part yet. This morning when I woke up for Sahur I took my retainer off in hoping that I can enjoy my meal peacefully. The moment I took it off, it was as though my teeth are mad at me for caging them with this steel bar and making their revenge on me by emitting pain all over my teeth. It was so painful that all I did was stare at my empty plate. I ended up only drinking a cup of milo and mama made me some quaker oat with milk :’) I made myself some mashed potato for break fast today while other’s are enjoying some homemade Nasi Lemak :’)

I was not given any proper storage case to store my retainer so I used mama’s small tuppaware and store it during Sahur. Praying and reciting the quran is kinda difficult as I can’t really pronounce the ayat correctly hence I decided to wear it back after my Subuh prayers. Here’s the best part. Few moments after I wore my retainer back, it suddenly felt weird. It felt very pedas (spicy) as though I just ate some chillis. I went to sniff the tuppaware I used and not to my surprise it smelled like sambal (a spicy paste) -____-“ It was obviously my mistake for not cleaning the tuppaware before using it and now I learned my lesson. Thank God the drooling is less today and I don’t feel like throwing up anymore but the pain remains.


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