Hafizah <3

Today marks an important day of my life. Never have I thought that a friend of mine could have gone so soon. And to be honest, I cannot really believe it happened. It was too fast and it took me a while to digest everything. I guess that’s the thing with life and death, it is never predictable and we cannot see what’s coming. But I believe that the ones we love never truly leave us, they are always here, in our hearts.

You’re someone who sprinkles happiness to everyone around you so they too can taste the sweetness of joy. Even for someone who only gets to know you just for a day can feel the magic you spread. And even with you gone, you still have that magic touch with you because every single time you cross someone’s mind, they will always remember how you made them happy. That’s how beautiful you are Fiza. I wish I could have said this sooner but that’s the thing with us humans, sometimes, we say things when it is already far too late.

 You reminded us to always cherish the people around us, to always care for the ones we love and most importantly, you brought us together.


Today was the last time I saw your face and kiss you goodbye. May Allah bless you. Always in our hearts and prayers, Nur Hafizah binti Mohd Faisol.

Al fatihah


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